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Biggest Mistakes Drivers Make after an Accident

Car Accident Information Book Get this FREE book, The Legal Insider’s Guide Series: Biggest Mistakes Drivers Make after an Accident,BEFORE you make any MISTAKES that can wreck your car accident CASE.

Jeff Rasansky represents drivers and their families in Texas in claims and lawsuits stemming from vehicle accidents, including car accidents, truck wrecks, bike accidents, and bus accidents. Nationally recognized by his peers, Jeff advocates tirelessly for those that have been injured or lost loved ones as a result of a vehicle accident. Located in Dallas, Texas, Jeff is a premier vehicle accident attorney. Nationwide, his clients recognize his talents and praise his outstanding work.

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"Everyone at the firm was very professional and committed to our case. We were always kept up-to-date and understood every step in the process. Jeff did his research, had a game plan and executed flawlessly. He and his firm have my highest recommendation."
- Jim Bar, previous auto accident client

Inside his FREE book, The Insider’s Legal Guide: Biggest Mistakes Drivers Make After an Accident, Dallas personal injury attorney Jeffrey Rasansky explains the mistakes that drivers frequently make after an auto accident.

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